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This week I played a choose your own adventure type game called  [Text] A Summer Story. It is both a story and an interactive game. A girl named Maya visits her uncle in Japan for a week. She texts him while on the ferry and gets a message from a stranger that has his phone number. It is a boy name Takeshi. He worked for her uncle at the shrine last year. When you get to her uncle's place, the story lets you choose your own actions. You have to play the game 7 times, in order to see the whole story unfold. Eventually, you find out the Takeshi is a ghost accidentally killed by your uncle. Depending on your choices you may or may not find out and you may be killed or killed by her uncle.

When you finish one story, you become more interested and want to see what your other choices could have been. You learn more about Maya's Point of View and the Plot that takes center stage in this story. You get her sense of Point of View, as she tells the story in her own words. You get a plot of learning more about the story when you replay it over and over again.

The story/game is interesting because you wonder if some endings are better than others. It also makes you reflect as an individual, on the chooses you, yourself would make. 

Ultimately, I think Bryan Alexander would like this story. He would see This story/game as a creative narrative, where you have some control. He would also see the literary elements and be interested to reread the story and make other choices.

Why don't you tell me what you think about yourself? if you are interested to play the game, I will drop a link in the works cited below.

Works Cited:
[Text] A Summer Story http://www.sakevisual.com/summerstory.html


  1. I agree that the story supports the idea that you put yourself in Maya's shoes. As you would any game that would give you choices to make.


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