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It is another exciting week of Blogging!

I dunno what it is? me personally I like many other people, enjoy stories where situations slowly get bad to worse (kinda like a zombie apocalypse theme like feeling.)

I have decided that I still have diaries on my mind. This week's Literary Feature I have Chosen is TONE  the slow continuing of hopelessness and dread. I have been playing Fallout 4 recently,  I have liked the diaries in the video game and the blog The Sick Land have some similarities.

I like the theme how everything is bright at the beginning and everything slowly turns to despair.
Quoting the Author of The new Digital Storytelling Bryan Alexander pg 49 paragraph 3 ( The Sick Land builds up through escalating violence into something approaching cosmic horror..... The tale proceeds chronologically, without any asynchronous foreshadowing or editing or earlier posts. It begins on a note of hope and positive anticipation.)

Researcher, Alex Case is excited to begin his new post. He begins to write about the Mal of the sick land. FYI Mal means unwell in Spanish. after each post, after each month his situation grows from bad to worse. His fellow researchers die and he himself becomes sick. Alex has hallucinations among other downfalls in his diary.

Ultimately his narrative draws you in as a reader. You become curious about what he is going to find out. As part of the audience, you hope that he survives and makes it through his ordeal. His story makes you feel what you would do in this situation and our feelings of hope and then dread, can be felt throughout his ordeal.

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  1. Great analysis of the tone shift in The Sick Land! I loved Fallout New Vegas, so probably need to read this blog!


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