My First 10 Deaths In Don't Starve

(Update) After getting some feedback. I have decided to elaborate my days and add some more information about what happened to me and gameplay for that day.

Hello everyone! another exciting morning in the life of me!

So I finally decided to tell a story. Games are a part of my life. I want to give a sort of narration of what it was like for me to die in Don't Starve. I've decided to catalog my first 10 death experiences in this game. 7 years ago I started to play a game called Don't Starve. I have gone on some details about this game on other blogs. Basically, it is a survival game where you try to stay alive as long as you can.

1st Death by Darkness: Day 1. My character awakes in a daze. Everything is drawn as if, Tim Burton himself did the artwork! I see so many objects and nature all around me. I see trees, berry bushes, twigs, grass, rocks. I see animals too! I see rabbits in the field. I see cows walking around grazing. This game is pretty cool you get to craft things like axes and chop down trees! Unfortunately, I didn't know the dark could kill you. I could not craft a fire in time and in two hits I was dead!

2nd Death by Bees: Day 3. Ok, this time I have to pay a little more attention. I need to figure out how to build a fire, so the darkness doesn't kill me again. I need two logs and three pieces of grass. I chopped down a tree and picked three pieces of grass. Perfect I survived the first two nights! Alright, I now know how to light a fire and I eat berries for substances. I am walking down the field and I see some beehives. as I get closer, all of a sudden about two dozen bees start to attack me to death. PERSONAL JESUS!!!! I GOTTA BE MORE CAREFUL!!!!!

3rd Death by Yaks: Day 5. Well, I am starting to get better at this game. I have avoided all bees, built a fire pit and mined some gold. Back at my base, I realized I can build a science machine and an alchemy engine. you can use these constructions to craft better resources. With my new engines, I can build a farm, but I need poop. I see a bunch of cows in the field called beefalo. They sometimes poop for fuel, for my fire and I can use the poop for my farms. Hmm, that's strange? their buts are glowing red? I wonder what that means? As I get closer to them to grab the fuel, they begin to chase me...... I died again. (apparently, when their buts glow red, that means its mating season and they attack you!)

4th Death by Darkness AGAIN: Day 4..... HUHHHHHHH, this is kinda sad. I thought I had grass and sticks for torches... I miscalculated. DEATH BY DARKNESS AGAIN!!!!!

5th Death by Pigman: Day 10. Congratulations to myself on making it to day 10! I finally have a small base growing. A couple of farms, a crock pot, and a science machine. I decided to hunt some of the wild pigmen for meat. I was curious about how much I could get. I crafted my first spear and started to hit one..... all of a sudden they all attacked and killed me!

6th Death by Spiders: Day 7: There is an item called silk for hats and clothes. I looked online and found out spiders dropped them. So I crafted a spear again to kill me some spiders for silk. when I attacked my first spider about three golden spiders jumped and killed me! I feel like I should know better by now! nine times out of ten you hit something to be prepared for battle! (Must make a mental note of my failures!)

7th Death by Shadow Creatures: Day 13: There is this icon on the navigation called sanity. I found out you have to keep this up, or otherwise, shadow creatures will kill you. Long story short I didn't know how to keep it up so.... shadow creatures killed me by the fire.

8th Death by Penguins: Day 21: The first day of winter. Pretty cool I finally survived to the next season! I am slowly getting better at this game I think. I saw a dozen penguins coming out of the water, that's new! One thing I have learned about this game is to always experiment with something new. So I stabbed it with my spear.... and they all attacked and killed me. My lesson... DON'T ATTACK PENGUINS!!!! WHY DIDN'T I WEAR A LOG SUIT OR HELMET!!!!! Ok I'm calm now..... (Gamer rage is a real thing!)

9th Death by Freezing: Day 25: I learned so much by now. How to make food and how to survive. Unfortunately, I have not learned how to stay warm long enough to survive the cold. I am running out of food and I freeze to fast to get more. I want to hunt rabbits when the cold finally killed me. ( I eventually found out you need to make winter hats to help combat the cold).

10th Death by Chess pieces: Day 7: I heard there were these items called gears, that can make you build advanced creations to help you survive longer. I wanted to build an item called an ice box (basically a fridge). I figured if my food did not spoil to fast I could survive longer. In order to get gears, you need to kill walking chess pieces that drop them. I found out they were really hard to kill. I attacked a knight piece and the bishop next to it killed me with a ball of energy.

Conclusion: I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!! I mean honestly, it sucks how I keep dying and all. I learn more with each passing death. what things to gather, what things to build, what to attack and what not to attack. I know little by little I will get better with the game mechanics. I have bee looking up some videos and strategies to help me and I hope in time to make it to 100 days!

Until next time my friends.


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