Brainstorming Idea File

Quite honestly my favorite way to brainstorm is to use an Idea File. I feel like, its the best way to brainstorm because my ideas are always changing and flowing out of me. When I am brainstorming I feel like no format will help bring out these ideas better. Below are a few examples of my creativity.

I love to listen to music and every now and again I sometimes think wouldn't a song sound better with lyrics mixed and matched with better songs? I was listening to Metallica's version of Misfits Song called Last Caress (the lyrics are explicit so Ill let you look it up yourself). I was thinking what it would be like to sing some lyrics off one of my favorite Iron Maiden songs, "Fear Of The Dark" to replace some lyrics on the Last Caress? I started singing the lyric "Fear of the dark" and I felt like it worked pretty well. This was my first idea and it reminded me brainstorming and mixing and matching could help me be more creative when writing my own songs.

This is the first drawing of my new art book. It originally started out as the number zero, but I continued to be creative and constantly made additions to it. This is an important Idea for me because it shows that the number zero means nothing, but it is capable of many possibilities. My personal favorite variable the number zero.

Growing up I've always wanted to make video games. when I started taking my CNM classes it made everything ten times more serious for me. I've decided to start brainstorming on a logo graphic, for a potential video game company of mine. The G stands for games and the House represents you wanting to go home and play a Ghouse game. I have to start somewhere it makes me think what more I can do to this simple design? build a chimney with smoke, make the graphics move while the cursor icon is on it? Ultimately I feel this a good foundation for me to really make something catchy for my potential gaming audience.


  1. Hi! I am a little confused about what an idea file is. Is it just where you write about or brainstorm about it in a file? I really liked how you took the number zero and did so much with it. It is very creative and interesting. I think that gaming idea is very cool and it does grab your attention and makes you wonder what it means. That is always a good thing when trying to sell your ideas or games or anything really.

    1. Honestly I never really got a clear answer from my professor's I guess that was the whole point. An Idea File to my understanding is just a bunch of ideas that come to you during your life. Your create them in any media of your choosing and work with it. I think of it as more of like endless brainstorming. It's good for the creative juices to flow out and help your process.


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